The YMCA Global Teens program offers a three-tiered rate structure, based on the actual cost of each trip, which is intended to address the needs of families with different abilities to pay. No paperwork or verification is required; simply select the rate appropriate for your family's budget. This is completely confidential and does not impact your child's experience in any way.

                               Tier I            Tier II           Tier III 

  India                   $2,625          $3,150           $3,500

 Japan                  $2,550           $3000            $3,400 


Nicaragua            $1,925          $2,250           $2,475

Mexico                 $1,925          $2,250           $2,475


Tier 1 represents a substantial subsidy for families who need assistance in order for their teen to be able to participate. Choose this rate if your family needs it.

Tier 2 is a partially-subsidized rate to help families who can't afford the full cost of the trip. Choose this rate if your family needs a partial subsidy

Tier 3 reflects the full cost of sending a teen on the selected trip. If you are able to pay this amount, please do. Thank you.
Families needing additional assistance beyond Tier 1 are invited to apply for additional Financial Assistance, which will require supporting documentation. Financial Assistance is made possible thanks to the generosity of YMCA donors.